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GorillaStack Alleviates Pain Points In The Cloud

Run Away Costs
As organisations scale more and more, usage inside the cloud and the resulting costs can begin to spiral out of control.

Pressure From The Finance Team
One result of the runaway costs can be demand from the finance team to create savings and measure usage.

Scripts Wreaking Havoc
Scripts can be laborious, onerous to maintain and inflexible. As AWS constantly changes its schemas, you have to stay on your toes to adapt.

Single Points of Human Failure
An employee who creates maintenance scripts isn’t scalable & often doesn’t stick around. Once they’re unavailable, organisations run into trouble.

Complexity In Cloud Management
Maintaining the foundational services of an AWS environment from within the console can be complicated and restrictive.

Inflexible Control & Permissions
Organisations that want to permit their engineers granular controls over their infrastructure find it hard to scale permissions and cede control.

Suggested Rules

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    Schedule EBS Deletion

    Define time based workflows for EBS deletion to save storage in your AWS account and optimise cost on EBS Volumes, EBS Snapshots & EBS AMIs.

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    Schedule EBS Snapshots

    Create reliable and repeatable automated backups for EBS to maintain flexible but robust systems that make sure you never miss any EBS data.

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    Delete Detached EBS Volumes

    Detect and delete detached EBS volumes based on the period for which they have been detached, their tags and the region that they're stored in.

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    AWS Billing & Usage Alerts

    Create AWS alerts to track spend for any service or infrastructure usage. Alert yourself or team members in Slack, HipChat, E-mail or SMS.

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    Invoke Lambdas From Webhooks

    Automatically invoke a Lambda Function from a webhook to take inputs from external systems and trigger changes inside and outside your AWS environments.

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    Schedule EC2 Instances

    Create rules to schedule EC2 Instances based on your anticpated usage. Works best with predictable cycling for non-production environments.

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    Schedule RDS Instances

    Choose times during the week to schedule your RDS Instances to turn on and off. Take advantage of predictable load and usage cycles to leverage the flexibility of the cloud.

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    Schedule Auto Scaling Changes

    Take your cyclical fluctuations in demand for compute and set auto scaling schedules to ensure you have the appropriate infrastuture available.

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    Schedule Lambda Functions

    Create rules for scheduled lambda functions to occur regularly and reliably resulting in the flexibility to manage and update your infrastructure on a regular basis.

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    Schedule EC2 Run Commands

    Create rules that schedule EC2 Run Commands to occur regularly and reliably using PowerScript and PowerShellScript to reliably manage your EC2 instances.

Advanced Features

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    Rich Chatops Integration

    Manage your rules and infrastructure with Slack & HipChat.

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    Design Sequences

    Trigger event sequences including checks to ensure graceful workflows.

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    Manual Intervention

    Receive an alert and intervene into any workflow when required.

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    Organisations, Teams & Permissions

    Grant granular access to users to manage your infrastructure.

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