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02 May 2016

8 Things We Learned at the AWS Sydney Summit

We were excited to have the opportunity to share GorillaStack with everyone at Sydney’s first 2 day AWS Summit. The Summit demonstrated the need for AWS Cost […]
15 Apr 2016

7 Weird Tips To Reduce Your AWS Bill

I recently attended a very insightful AWS Meet Up where Paul Wakeford (a Systems Architect at Australian media company Fairfax Media) shared some great tips to identify costs […]
29 Mar 2016

You Should Move Compute To AWS EC2 Spot Instances

Amazon are celebrating 10 years of AWS. On Amazon’s celebration page, they include an interesting insight regarding EC2 Spot Instances: “On average, every week, AWS customers […]
12 Feb 2016

What AWS Lumberyard Really Means For Amazon

In the last couple of days Amazon announced Lumberyard, a 3D game engine designed to operate on AWS and provide a powerful platform for developers to leverage […]
29 Jan 2016

7 Powerful Features That Will Enhance Your AWS Auto Scaling Schedules

Amazon just announced the availability of Scheduled Auto Scaling from their AWS console. Of course, Auto Scaling Scheduling is nothing new – you’ve been able to […]
09 Nov 2015

Managing AWS with GorillaStack is now even easier

We’ve got new features! All of these new features are based on feedback from our users. Have a problem that needs solving? Get in touch – […]
16 Oct 2015

How Do You Solve a Problem Like SaaS Pricing?

There’s been plenty of discussion at the GorillaStack HQ recently about how we price our suite of products. The first obvious thing to state is that […]