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13 Jul 2021

AWS Savings Plans vs Reserved Instances

Amazon has announced Savings Plans, a pricing and discount plan for EC2 and Fargate. We’ve often thought the Reserved Instance (RI) model to be overly complex. […]
28 Jan 2021

Automate Azure SQL Database Lifecycle

In the past few months at GorillaStack, our focus has been on improving support for the Azure platform. Adding to the list of recent announcements for […]
14 Jan 2021

11 Surefire Ways To Reduce Your EC2 Costs

Using AWS EC2 is almost always cheaper than managing on-premises hardware. But those EC2 costs can still stack up, and every dollar counts. Here are 11 […]
19 Mar 2018

Cost Optimization Tops the List of Cloud Initiatives For Enterprises

With “Moving more workloads to cloud” a close second, optimizing for cost is more important than ever! It should be part of your cloud optimization strategy. […]
01 Nov 2017

Scheduling AWS Services – 7 Killer Features You Can’t Live Without

Not all service schedulers are created equal – we’ve been sourcing feedback from some of our heaviest users and asking them specifically what they like most […]
22 Mar 2017

AWS Organizations Moves to General Availability – Aids in Cost Management

Late last month, Amazon graduated AWS Organizations from “preview” status to widespread availability. AWS Organizations caters to individuals and businesses managing multiple AWS accounts, often as […]
16 Nov 2016

Why Switching Off AWS EC2 Turns Us On!

Spinning up cloud computing servers is the bread and butter of DevOps professionals. But what about switching them off? A recent poll of AWS customers revealed […]
10 Oct 2016

AWS Reserved Instances – Explore The Alternatives Before You Spend

Customers can purchase AWS reserved instances from the AWS reserved instance marketplace to reduce their AWS bills. The management of this process is a huge industry […]
23 Sep 2016

How To Reduce EBS Costs On AWS

You’re throwing away money on EBS How many detached EBS volumes do you have in your AWS accounts? How many unnecessary EBS snapshots are you paying […]
02 Aug 2016

3 Easy Steps To Dramatic AWS Cost Savings

We all love using AWS for the breadth and depth of their cloud services. Combining these services with the ability to interact with virtually everything through […]