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07 Sep 2020

Tag Group Search for AWS and Azure Resources

Tags are one of the keys to managing AWS and Azure resources well, which is why GorillaStack supports tag targeting of resources with Tag Groups. We […]
31 Jul 2019

Retro Tag – Retroactively Tag AWS Resources

Ever see untagged AWS Resources and think to yourself “who created this? It looks like I could delete it, but I don’t want to affect anyone […]
12 Nov 2018

Keep Your Cloud Infrastructure Organised With Dynamic Tags

Here at GorillaStack, we know that strategic tagging is one of the keys to awesome infrastructure management in the cloud. Intelligent tags make everything easier, from allocating costs […]
11 Oct 2017

Tag Matching Superpowers

The best ideas always come from users. We originally built custom boolean expressions into our Tag Groups as a customer request and now we’re excited to announce […]
28 Sep 2017

Event Log

We have listened to customer feedback and our Dashboard has been revamped as a highly useful Event Log. Good news is that it is available on GorillaStack as of right now! Some […]
09 May 2016

GorillaStack Auto Tag Gets An Update

Of all the things I love at GorillaStack, including beer, coffee, workplace banter and of course AWS, there are two in particular that I was able […]
25 Sep 2015

GorillaStack Presents: Auto Tag for Cloud Cost Allocation

At GorillaStack, we are obsessed with making everything to do with your cloud easier. A big part of the cloud cost management challenge is cost allocation. A common […]