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29 Jan 2021

AWS Config vs CloudTrail

A lot of AWS users and DevOps engineers asked us: What’s the difference between AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail? Why should I choose one over the […]
22 Nov 2019

CloudTrail Insights vs CloudTrail Events – A Comparison

In November 2019, Amazon Web Services announced the release of CloudTrail Insights, a new CloudTrail feature that leverages CloudTrail Events to highlight unexpected actions inside an […]
14 Oct 2019

How to monitor IAM Roles activities?

Oftentimes as part of delivering a service, a vendor will request a role for cross-account access, in order to aggregate data or perform some actions in […]
04 Oct 2019

CloudTrail Event Names – A Comprehensive List

CloudTrail events are a key tool for understanding the details of what’s happening inside AWS accounts, acting as a log of every single API call that […]
17 Sep 2019

CloudTrail vs CloudWatch – A Detailed Guide

In previous post, we have discussed the differences between CloudTrail and AWS Config and that has served to raise the equally pertinent question: how you compare CloudTrail […]
19 Aug 2019

Query your CloudTrail like a Pro with Athena

Have you ever wondered how many failed ConsoleLogin attempts you had last month and which regions or IP addresses they originated from? Do you want to know who […]
30 Oct 2017

Key CloudTrail Events To Monitor for Security in AWS

CloudTrail is an amazing source of data, rich with API call history, allowing us to monitor who is attempting to do what within our AWS accounts. […]
19 Apr 2017

GorillaStack AWS CloudTrail Listener For Slack Goes Public

The GorillaStack team is excited to announce the release of our highly requested AWS CloudTrail Slackbot. What started out as an internal project, we have designed […]