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22 Sep 2021
Real Time Events for Microsoft Azure

Azure Real Time Events is Live

GorillaStack Real Time Events has been helping AWS users find out when bad changes occur across all their AWS Accounts. Whether it’s a bucket becoming public, […]
29 Aug 2018
5 things I’d rather do as a DevOps engineer

5 things I’d rather do as a DevOps engineer

…. other than writing scripts to manipulate my resources Time is the only commodity we cannot earn back in life. To make matters worse, it is […]
02 Jul 2018
Cloud Cost Optimization Tools

The Top DevOps Tools For Cloud Cost Optimization

A few weeks ago, Peter Shi (the main man when it comes to Cost Optimization strategy for AWS in APAC) ran an awesome workshop on DevOps. […]
13 Dec 2016
GorillaStack by PyraCloud

Scheduled AWS – DevOps Automation

At GorillaStack we often get asked about our inspiration for building our product and what drives us to keep releasing featured designed to help DevOps automate […]
16 Nov 2016
GorillaStack by PyraCloud

Why Switching Off AWS EC2 Turns Us On!

Spinning up cloud computing servers is the bread and butter of DevOps professionals. But what about switching them off? A recent poll of AWS customers revealed […]
05 Nov 2016
GorillaStack by PyraCloud

How To Redirect With Serverless Framework

We just started playing with the v1 of the serverless framework after building a serverless HipChat plugin boilerplate repository and an example HipChat plugin that aggregates […]
15 Sep 2016
GorillaStack by PyraCloud

Serverless Framework & Local Development Environments

The Serverless framework is awesome and we love working with it! We even used it to build a Serverless HipChat Bot. Side note: you can check […]
22 Jul 2016
GorillaStack by PyraCloud

This AWS HipChat Integration Has Transformed DevOps

You may have seen our recent post that explains how to build your own Serverless HipChat Connect Plugin but did you know that GorillaStack already provides a tool […]
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