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28 Mar 2018

Automatically Reset Auto Scaling Groups to Previous Scale

Users of our update_autoscaling_groups action have for a while been looking for a way to scale an Auto Scaling Group down and then at a later point, scale […]
19 Mar 2018

Cost Optimization Tops the List of Cloud Initiatives For Enterprises

With “Moving more workloads to cloud” a close second, optimizing for cost is more important than ever! It should be part of your cloud optimization strategy. […]
08 Mar 2018

3 New Actions: Reboot EC2 Instances, Bunker EBS & RDS Snapshots

We love responding to customer feature requests! Our customers get in touch over our public slack and let us know what features they’re after. We socialize these […]
27 Nov 2017

Trigger Action From Incoming Webhook

We are excited to announce the new Incoming Webhook Trigger. Once you have an incoming webhook created, it can be selected as the trigger for any rule. […]
22 Nov 2017

Going inside: 2 new EC2 Run Commands

We have been operating at the resource level for some time, managing elasticity of EC2 and RDS instances, AutoScaling groups and the lifecycle of EBS storage […]
10 Nov 2017

Link an Account to GorillaStack with CloudFormation

Adding GorillaStack to new AWS accounts was always the greatest sticking point with our customers. We decided to overhaul our onboarding interface and backend mechanism, for […]
10 Nov 2017

“Manual Run Only” as a Trigger

We love hearing about interesting new customer use cases! A few customers wanted to create a series of run-books in GorillaStack and use the service as an interface […]
01 Nov 2017

Scheduling AWS Services – 7 Killer Features You Can’t Live Without

Not all service schedulers are created equal – we’ve been sourcing feedback from some of our heaviest users and asking them specifically what they like most […]
30 Oct 2017

Key CloudTrail Events To Monitor for Security in AWS

CloudTrail is an amazing source of data, rich with API call history, allowing us to monitor who is attempting to do what within our AWS accounts. […]
11 Oct 2017

Tag Matching Superpowers

The best ideas always come from users. We originally built custom boolean expressions into our Tag Groups as a customer request and now we’re excited to announce […]