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07 Nov 2019
GorillaStack and AWS Savings Plans

AWS Savings Plans vs Reserved Instances

Amazon has announced Savings Plans – a pricing and discount plan for EC2 and Fargate. We’ve often thought the Reserved Instance (RI) model to be overly […]
24 Oct 2019

Access More Useful Data With The New Lambda Payload Schema

Customers regularly use our Lambda Actions to pass JSON payloads and environment variables to their Lambda functions at runtime. Recently customers have been asking us whether […]
14 Oct 2019
Monitor IAM Roles with GorillaStack

How to monitor IAM Roles activities?

Oftentimes as part of delivering a service, a vendor will request a role for cross-account access, in order to aggregate data or perform some actions in […]
10 Oct 2019

Pay for GorillaStack on the AWS SaaS Marketplace

Some customers told us that they wanted to roll their GorillaStack subscription into their AWS subscription bill. We’re pleased to announce that we now support payments […]
04 Oct 2019
CloudWatch vs CloudTrail

CloudTrail Event Names – A Comprehensive List

CloudTrail events are a key tool for understanding the details of what’s happening inside AWS accounts, acting as a log of every single API call that […]
27 Sep 2019
AWS Shield and GorillaStack

AWS Shield vs WAF – DDoS Protection For The Cloud

Recently, we’ve had a number of customers ask us if they can use our Real Time Events product to detect the creation of new resources and […]
17 Sep 2019
CloudWatch vs CloudTrail

CloudTrail vs CloudWatch – A Detailed Guide

In previous post, we have discussed the differences between CloudTrail and AWS Config and that has served to raise the equally pertinent question: how you compare CloudTrail […]
11 Sep 2019

Retrieve Invoices And Manage Billing With The Chargebee Portal

For a long time, customers have wanted easier access to their past invoices and payment history. In recent maintenance work around our billing system, we decided […]
19 Aug 2019
Athena and CloudTrail

Query your CloudTrail like a Pro with Athena

Have you ever wondered how many failed ConsoleLogin attempts you had last month and which regions or IP addresses they originated from? Do you want to know who […]
02 Aug 2019
Auto Tag - Quicker, Cheaper, Easier

Auto Tag – Quicker, Cheaper, Easier

3 awesome improvements from our recent Auto Tag updates In 2015, we open-sourced a project that allowed users to automatically tag resources with the ARN of […]
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