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30 Oct 2018

Release Disassociated Elastic IPs

Elastic IPs have some pretty tricky pricing. While they are meant to be free, you will be charged if any of the following conditions are true: […]
22 Oct 2018


Finally! Our REST API is generally available! Now, users will be able to use our REST API to manage their Rules and Tag Groups. Check out […]
05 Sep 2018

Sequence Multiple Actions With One Rule

You could only run one Action in a Rule. Until now. One Rule can now contain a sequence of multiple actions! Additionally we are announcing that […]
05 Sep 2018

Subscribe to Rule Execution logs

You can now subscribe to Successful, Partially Successful and/or Failed Rule Action executions. How to Access Notifications for Rule Executions Navigate to Team Settings (via the team context dropdown) From Team Settings select Event […]
02 Sep 2018

Cron option for Scheduling

Our scheduling capabilities are very popular with customers. Being able to leverage our multi-timezone support, notifications and options to snooze and cancel have always been key […]