Delete Detached EBS Volumes

Delete EBS volumes that have been detached for a specific time period

Identify which detached EBS volumes to delete

Create a rule that targets specific accounts and regions within which you want to identify suitable EBS volume candidates for deletion to free up more space and optimize your cloud bill.

Create a schedule

Determine how long an EBS volume needs to be detached before taking a delete action on it. This allows you to comply with any governance or retention policies that apply to the business or industry that your infrastructure is operating for.

Integrations for full automation control

Receive upcoming schedule execution notifications via Slack or email. From there you can snooze or cancel the action. Using our advanced roles and permissions you can enable your team to take control at that point too.

Delete Detached EBS Volumes

Remove EBS volumes that have been detached for a certain period

Target by Tags

Only remove snapshots that fit specific criteria for deletion

Target by region

Alongside tags, you can target what to delete based on where the storage is located

Comply with Regulation

Save EBS volumes for no longer than they’re required

Optimize Costs

Don’t waste money on storage that may have expired its utility


Cancel or snooze any deletion using notifications from Slack or email.

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