Automatically Delete Orphaned Snapshots

Delete orphaned Snapshots for which an AMI no longer exists

  • Identify which orphaned snapshots to delete

    Create a rule that identifies snapshots for which the referenced AMI no longer exists. Refine your targeting by tag, account or region to rid your account of unnecessary storage costs.

  • Create a schedule

    Determine how often you would like the rule to run against your account. Set a higher frequency to keep your environment fully optimised or a bit slower for extra peace of mind.

  • Let the magic happen

    Set the rule to run on its own or choose to be notified when the rule runs. If you get notified by Slack, HipChat or e-mail, you or a team member can intervene by snoozing or cancelling any given delete action.

Delete Orphaned Snapshots

Remove orphaned snapshots that no longer have an AMI

Target by Tags

Only remove snapshots that fit specific criteria for deletion

Target by region

Alongside tags, you can target what to delete based on location

Enable your team

Empower your team to manage their storage without extra labour

Optimise Costs

Don’t waste money on storage that may have expired its utility


Snooze or cancel any deletion using notifications from Slack, Hipchat & E-mail

You're in good company