Giving back to the community

At GorillaStack we believe in a buoyant, collaborative developer community. We're a product built by developers for developers.

We believe in building open source tools, so that we can share with our community for free. We love to share some of our knowledge & code and we love getting feedback. Please feel free to play with / collaborate / fork & raise issues for our code... we're excited to see what you do with it.


Serverless HipChat Connect

Boilerplate HipChat connect plugin running in AWS, based on the Serverless framework.


Eliminate Server Overhead With This Open Source Lambda Hack

A recent AWS update to lambda makes it feasible to turn off the infrastructure that runs your batch workloads. This code is designed to construct an example of a lambda function connecting to resources in a VPC.


GorillaStack AutoTag

An open-source tagging solution that automatically tags your AWS resources with their creator. Includes a CloudFormation template that creates all the resources required for AutoTag.

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