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Flexible Rules Engine

GorillaStack is a fully flexible rules engine for automating cloud infrastructure. Using 3 basic building blocks: Context, Trigger, Outcome – you can determine which parts of your environment you want to target, what the trigger is and which services to make changes to.

Console, API, Config as Code

Rules can be managed via web console, API or through config files. Non-technical operations users can quickly set up powerful rules while technical developers can leverage GorillaStack’s APIs to fully automate Rules.

Best in class Scheduling

Use GorillaStack’s market leading scheduler for multi-timezone support and snooze and Cancel options. Get notifications as rules take place via emails or chat. Notifications provide a summary of actions about to take place with snooze & cancel options.

Dynamic Resource Targeting

You’re in a world of cattle and not pets so you can target by existing tag taxonomy. Use Tag Groups to combine multiple tags keys and values. With boolean logic and regex, you can drill down to the exact resources in sophisticated ways. Because the Rules aren’t homegrown scripts, targeting can be updated easily.

Engine Room

Leverage the right data to assist in making decisions. Use the Engine Room to help surface ROI, cost & savings data, and where to improve your utilisation of our solutions. Get the birds-eye view on the health of your cloud environment and the efficacy of your company’s efforts to improve it.

Event Log

Get critical data for your organisation – “Audit” history on GorillaStack configuration, “Rule Execution” history with a contemporaneous register of resources targeted and their status as well as items that require your “Attention”. Subscribe to different events within the log to find out about rules that succeeded, partially succeeded or failed.


Ensure graceful shutting down & starting up of machines, by using GorillaStack to automate a sequence of actions in the cloud. You can sequence backup lifecycles while including pauses for status checks and manual approvals.

User Groups

If you need to break your team into units or to share access to cloud accounts & resources between units, but also control level of access in different contexts. User Groups are units within which Users can have different roles. Rules can be assigned to User Groups. By turning on an optional Advanced Access Control, the User Groups and Account Groups can be associated, to share/restrict access to cloud accounts between different User Groups.

Account Groups

If you have good cloud maturity and hundreds of cloud accounts you can use Account Groups to avoid having to update numerous Rules after a cloud account has been created. Rules can reference multiple Account Groups and simply enumerate their members at runtime.


Link your company directory or Identity Provider (IdP) to allow users to register/login using SAML. This allows for straightforward onboarding, offboarding and secure user management. Using SAML attributes, optionally assign a user’s role, as well as membership to User Groups.

Role Based Access Control

Leverage GorillaStack’s role based access control (RBAC) to extend the 3 default roles and inherit privileges between roles and create a hierarchy. You can define other users’ level of privilege to very granular levels from Snoozing and Cancelling Scheduled Rules, cloning Tag Groups to even managing billing to apply coupons.

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