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Cost Optimization Tops the List of Cloud Initiatives For Enterprises

Stefan Knight | Mon, 19 Mar 2018

With "Moving more workloads to cloud" a close second, optimizing for cost is more important than ever! The impact of un-utilized and under utilized cloud resources hits more than just the bottomline. "There's a corresponding opportunity cost in over spending on cloud and it's in foregoing having…

3 New Actions: Reboot EC2 Instances, Bunker EBS & RDS Snapshots

Elliott Spira | Thu, 08 Mar 2018

We love responding to customer feature requests! Our customers get in touch over our public slack and let us know what features they're after. We socialise these with the broader user base, sharing over our public roadmap on trello and with specific customers who are in a special group we call…

How Freshwater Systems slashed their AWS bills by using GorillaStack

Stefan Knight | Mon, 22 Jan 2018

Freshwater Systems a discussion with John Wessel, IT Ops Manager Greenville, South Carolina, USA www.freshwatersystems.com Freshwater Systems was founded in 1989 to provide water filtration systems to both consumers and businesses. Since its earliest beginnings, the business has changed with the…

AWS Recommends GorillaStack At re:Invent 2017

Oliver Berger | Tue, 05 Dec 2017

For the 3rd year in a row, Amazon Web Services has allocated part of its Cost Optimisation track at re:Invent to highlighting the benefits of GorillaStack as a part of an organisation's tooling. In 2016, Keith Jarrett used a case study of GorillaStack's AWS automation engine to highlight 60%+ cost…

Trigger Action From Incoming Webhook

Oliver Berger | Mon, 27 Nov 2017

We are excited to announce the new Incoming Webhook Trigger. Once you have an incoming webhook created, it can be selected as the trigger for any rule. You could even select a single webhook across multiple rules to easily trigger whole batches of automation with a single GET request. Create, edit…

Going inside: 2 new EC2 Run Commands

Oliver Berger | Wed, 22 Nov 2017

We have been operating at the resource level for some time, managing elasticity of EC2 and RDS instances, autoscaling groups and the lifecycle of EBS storage and images. However, two new actions we released today is changing that, taking us into new territory of offering automation capabilities…

Link an Account to GorillaStack with CloudFormation

Oliver Berger | Fri, 10 Nov 2017

Adding GorillaStack to new AWS accounts was always the greatest sticking point with our customers. We decided to overhaul our onboarding interface and backend mechanism, for ease of use and understanding. We now create a CloudFormation stack containing the role and policy required for secure cross…

"Manual Run Only" as a Trigger

Oliver Berger | Fri, 10 Nov 2017

We love hearing about interesting new customer use cases! A few customers wanted to create a series of run-books in GorillaStack and use the service as an interface from which to kick off pre-configured automation rules. However we couldn’t support this because all of our rules required a trigger…
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