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You’re throwing away money on EBS

Chris Fuller | Fri, 23 Sep 2016

How many detached EBS volumes do you have in your AWS accounts? How many unnecessary EBS snapshots are you paying for? You can save money by deleting any detached EBS volumes and deleting old EBS snapshots that you no longer require. “You will be charged for the IOPS provisioned on a volume even…

Serverless Framework & Local Development Environments

Elliott Spira | Thu, 15 Sep 2016

The Serverless framework is awesome and we love working with it! We even used it to build a Serverless HipChat Bot. Side note: you can check out our Serverless HipChat Bot boilerplate repository. However, we quickly found that the feedback loop in development was really slow - every time we wanted…

5 Things We Learned About AWS From Amazon’s Q2 Earnings

Chris Ellis | Thu, 11 Aug 2016

Amazon Web Services continues to be Amazon’s fastest-growing and most profitable business. The Q2 2016 earnings release outlined that revenue grew another 58% year-over-year to $2.88 billion, while posting $718 million in operating income - which is larger than the $702 million operating income its…
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3 Easy Steps To Dramatic AWS Savings

Rohan Jerrems | Tue, 02 Aug 2016

Save money on AWS We all love using AWS for the breadth and depth of their cloud services. Combining these services with the ability to interact with virtually everything through their API's, it has never been easier to deploy new services and applications. Developers and infrastructure engineers…

This AWS HipChat Integration Has Transformed DevOps

Oliver Berger | Fri, 22 Jul 2016

You may have seen our recent post that explains how to build your own Serverless HipChat Connect Plugin but did you know that GorillaStack already provides a tool that allows you to monitor your AWS spend and do a couple of other nifty things from within HipChat? ChatOps (along with 'chatbot') has…

GorillaStack is Hiring

Oliver Berger | Wed, 06 Jul 2016

What we're building GorillaStack is on a mission to automate the Cloud and help our customers be DevOps heroes. We’re a SaaS solution that makes it easy for DevOps teams to reduce costs instantly, and pay only for what you use. We’re based in Sydney, although our customer base and outlook is global…

Serverless HipChat Connect Boilerplate by GorillaStack

Elliott Spira | Thu, 30 Jun 2016

Have you ever wanted to try out a full serverless architecture? Or write a HipChat plug-in? The new open source boilerplate from GorillaStack helps developers deploy the back ends for their plugins to Amazon Web Services’ serverless products in Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB and S3. Atlassian…

Serverless Architectures: Monoliths, Nanoservices, Microservices & Hybrids

Chris Fuller | Mon, 20 Jun 2016

We are strong advocates of the Serverless framework at GorillaStack. We've recently talked about our recent open source Serverless HipChat Connect Example that utilizes Serverless and AWS Lambda . During the development of the plugin, one thing we liked was that Serverless doesn’t restrict you to…
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