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Rule Labels

Joel Spira | Sat, 23 Mar 2019

A Label is user defined identifying metadata for a Rule. Within the Rules view any Label on a Rule is available as a clickable filter. When a label is selected as a filter the Rules view filters to only show Rules with Labels in common. This greatly improves the user experience for teams who have…

Providing warnings for Start EC2 Instances action targeting Instances with attached KMS encrypted EBS volumes

Joel Spira | Thu, 21 Mar 2019

One of the more challenging things to debug within AWS is where you attempt to start an EC2 instance which has attached KMS encrypted EBS volumes, with the corresponding CMK key policy not granting the EC2 service the permissions it needs. We now provide warnings within the action view where a…

Improved Manual Data Collection Performance

Joel Spira | Tue, 19 Mar 2019

We wanted to ensure that when a user builds a tag group they are always within reach of freshly collected data from all integrated platforms. Enabled by new architecture changes we now have the capacity to run manual data collection in an increasingly parallelised fashion. This is just one of many…

Update Security Group Action

Joel Spira | Fri, 15 Mar 2019

With the Update Security Groups action you can automate the regular cleanup of ingress and egress rules in your Security Groups to remove unwanted access patterns. For example, you can schedule an action to remove SSH access that allows access to all incoming IPs. This is our first action in the…

Update ECS Service Scale Action

Joel Spira | Wed, 13 Mar 2019

With the Update ECS Service Scale action you will be able to update desired task instantiation counts across any number of ECS services. Similar to our Update Auto Scaling Group action you will be able to cache existing settings and restore to them an accompanying Rule. We're really excited to start…

Compact Rule Cards

Joel Spira | Tue, 12 Mar 2019

You can now toggle between VISUAL and COMPACT display options within the Rules view. Users often mentioned that Rules with multiple actions made the Rules view challenging to navigate, requiring scrolling and resulting in a disorientating experience. By allowing a toggleable display option you can…

Multi-AZ RDS Instance Stops

Joel Spira | Tue, 05 Mar 2019

Did you know: A t2.micro multiAZ postgreSQL RDS Instance = $46.40 USD per month (deployed across only 2 AZs) It was just last month that AWS announced the capability for customers to start/stop Multi-AZ RDS Instances. We wish to announce that you can now do so with GorillaStack. Stopping non…
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CICD & Infrastructure as Code Is The 1st Big Step In Cloud Automation

Stefan Knight | Tue, 26 Feb 2019

But what's next? The Challenge It may be safe to say that the industry agrees that automation for creating cloud resources is best practice. We in the cloud resource and event management tools ecosystem (that’s where GorillaStack is) think automated resource creation pipelines and CICD are vastly…
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