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Implement Sophisticated Workflows Using GorillaStack Sequences

Elliott Spira | Tue, 01 Jan 2019

We built some new stuff Firstly, we built support for a sequence of actions. You are no longer restricted to executing a single Action in your Rule. Actions could be fired off in serial. Secondly, we created a new component for our Rules, named "Pauses". Pauses offer users the ability to perform…

Customize your GorillaStack Cross-Account Role

Chris Armstrong | Thu, 13 Dec 2018

If you've recently signed up or added any new accounts recently, you may have noticed some changes to the account setup process. These changes have been pushed out over the past month or so, but today we released the most useful of these: you can now customize the cross-account role that is…

Automate EC2 backup life cycle and save money on EBS

Chris Armstrong | Wed, 12 Dec 2018

An extremely common use case for AWS environments is the backup of EC2 instances. It is straightforward to use scripts to automate taking snapshots of your EC2 instances, but things can quickly get out of hand as you try to keep costs under control by customizing the same scripts to handle snapshot…

How A Major Telco Saved 36% Of Their Cloud Spend With GorillaStack - $4,000,000

Oliver Berger | Thu, 15 Nov 2018

Challenge Rising Cloud Costs A major telecommunications service provider made a strategic decision in early 2017 to begin to shift workloads from on-premise data centers to the cloud. Cost oversight and governance were fundamental requirements for success. They projected expanding to more than $1M…
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Keep Your Cloud Infrastructure Organised With Dynamic Tags

Steven Noble | Mon, 12 Nov 2018

Here at GorillaStack, we know that strategic tagging is one of the keys to awesome infrastructure management in the cloud. Intelligent tags make everything easier, from allocating costs to debugging CloudFormation templates to optimizing your spend. That is why we have always encouraged our devops…
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Control AWS from Slack Using GorillaStack

Michael Black | Sun, 04 Nov 2018

We love ChatOps here at GorillaStack. Our CloudTrail alerts Slack bot and rich notifications from our AWS Rules Engine are great for receiving alerts and monitoring your cloud environment, but we're not content with stopping there. We have grand plans for further ChatOps developments to give users…

Release Disassociated Elastic IPs

Oliver Berger | Tue, 30 Oct 2018

Elastic IPs have some pretty tricky pricing. While they are meant to be free, you will be charged if any of the following conditions are true: EIP is not associated with an instance Instance associated with the EIP is not running The instance associated with the EIP only has more than one EIP…


Oliver Berger | Mon, 22 Oct 2018

Finally! Our REST API is generally available! Now, users will be able to use our REST API to manage their Rules and Tag Groups. Check out the API Overview in our docs to see how you can get started. We're exited! Platform API, Events API? Get in touch and tell us which API you want next!
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