Conditionally Wait On Resource State Change After Action Invocation

Joel Spira | Tue, 11 Jun 2019

We can now support the capability to optionally wait on resource state change after action invocation before proceeding to the next action in a sequence of multiple actions. Supporting both synchronous and asynchronous action invocation is something we are really happy to support.

Our first action being supported is Start Instances. You will now find in the Start Instances action view a Wait navigation option. You will be able to wait on Instance State, Instance Status and or System Status for all instances targeted as part of the action. We are thrilled to be introducing the foundation upon which we will support all of our existing action types.

Navigate to the platforms view, and for the account you wish to target click the drop down and select Update Account Setup. Click Get Startedand launch the change set. This will update the GorillaStack cross-account role to include the new required IAM permission.

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