Cost Optimization Tops the List of Cloud Initiatives For Enterprises

Stefan Knight | Mon, 19 Mar 2018

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With "Moving more workloads to cloud" a close second, optimizing for cost is more important than ever! The impact of unutilized and under utilized cloud resources hits more than just the bottom line.

"There's a corresponding opportunity cost in over spending on cloud and it's in foregoing having more budget to invest in sales and marketing. Plain and simple, we could be doing something better for our business with that money." CFO of a major online marketplace

There's a moment when every organization on cloud realizes that their bill is not what they expected, I call this "bill shock".

You can see these organizations presenting their journey to "cost recovery" at cloud conferences. If you haven't experienced their pain yet, you will.

So what did they do about it and our your current efforts in this area up to scratch?

Step 1: "See" what's happening

A bit of research with one of the readily available reporting tools reveals the root cause of the problem is that organizations are not taking advantage of the promise of cloud; i.e. they aren't paying only for what they use and what they need. Why is that?

Because they aren't managing their resources effectively and the native cloud tools aren't up to the task even if you are you're willing to invest DevOps staff time to create and maintain custom scripts to stitch them together.


Reporting tools will identify:

  • Application utilization and suggest the rightsize for instances
  • Cyclical and temporary workloads that could be scaled down or shut down entirely when not in use
  • Stranded resources like detached volumes, excess snapshots, old images and artifacts from your pipeline process

Once you can "see" the issues, you can take remedial action.

Step 2: Take action to eliminate the contributing factors

By automating cloud resource management based on policies and business rules. But how?

You could roll your own custom code with the native cloud tools and APIs. Many organizations have adopted this approach and live to regret it down the track. The cost of managing and maintaining this low level code over time not only undermines the savings dividend they hoped to achieve but ties up staff that could be put to better purpose.

"I don't want my very expensive DevOps resources writing low level code to turn stuff on/off or clean things up. I want them working on problems that are core to our business like accelerating the delivery of new features into production and integrating new ways of running our business with AI, ML and serverless." CIO of a major financial services business

There has to be a better way to optimize cloud costs automatically other than monkeying around with custom code. There's a GorillaStack for that!

At GorillaStack we offer the best of both worlds:

  1. point and click automation for the drudge work of turning resources on/off and cleaning up the detritus of cloud
  2. automating the remaining business-specific custom code and script execution with better visibility and management through our platform

We're experts on the APIs so you don't have to be. We power your Cost Optimization strategy to maximum results with minimum friction. We love to work with organizations' DevOps teams and/or their consulting partners to help them become DevOps Heroes to the business!

The best part of it all is that the savings pay for the platform usage and generate a an ROI of 3x-20x because we typically reduce the cloud spend by 20%-60%!

I particularly like how using the platform eliminated the bickering between Finance and Engineering about our cloud spend and allowed us to return their focus to our core business. CEO of a major media company

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