Delete Detached Disks on Azure with GorillaStack

Steven Noble | Tue July 21 2020

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There is a reason you manage disks and virtual machines separately in Azure: flexibility. It means you can attach more than one disk to a virtual machine. It means you can detach a disk from a virtual machine, and later attach it to another.

It also means you can accidentally create detached disks that sit around costing you money and housing sensitive data indefinitely.

Enter two new features from GorillaStack: the Detached Disks Detected trigger, and the Delete Detached Disks action.

The Detached Disks Detected trigger will fire as soon as it detects detached disks. You decide whether it responds to all detached disks, or just those that have been detached for a certain number of days. Use it to trigger any action or actions, including the User Defined Notification action, which will send out any message you like to email, Slack and/or Microsoft Teams.

The Detached Disks Detected trigger

Likewise, the Delete Detached Disks action will delete any detached disks that it finds. Filter by tag groups if you like. And again, you decide whether it actions on all detached disks or just those that have been detached for a certain number of days. Trigger it with any trigger you like, whether Schedule, Manual Run or Detached Disks Detected. For an extra layer of security, prefix it with our Manual Approval rule pause.

The Delete Detached Disks action

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