Epilogue: Eliminate Server Overhead With Open Source Lambda Hack

Elliott Spira | Mon, 11 Apr 2016

We wrote in our open source aws lambda blog post on the 27th of February about the then recent support for Lambda functions that access resources within a VPC. Our perspective on that announcement is that serverless computation is becoming more appropriate and accessible for enterprise and can be adopted in more use cases.

One of the issues we highlighted before summarising that blog post was that AWS CloudFormation did not yet support the VPC configuration for Lambda functions.

We are happy to share that as of this last week, AWS CloudFormation now supports VPC configuration for Lambda. See the AWS CloudFormation docs for more info.

We love Lambda and are happy to see it improving leaps and bounds. Going serverless can help your organisation save big on your AWS bill. Consider such options on upcoming projects.

To explore ways to quickly save on your existing stacks, check out our products Power Cycle and Power Scale.

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