GorillaStack AWS CloudTrail Listener For Slack Goes Public

Oliver Berger | Wed, 19 Apr 2017

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The GorillaStack team are excited to announce the release of our highly requested AWS CloudTrail Slackbot. What started out as an internal project, designed to make tracking CloudTrail events more manageable (you can read more about our initial AWS Slack integration here), is now officially available for public consumption! You don’t even need to have a GorillaStack account to start monitoring CloudTrail Events from Slack.

Slack is already a powerful companion to our main suite of tools, so it was a natural progression to create a stand alone Bot. And better still, it's free, just one of our many contributions to the Open Source DevOps ecosystem.

Track any CloudTrail Event in Slack

Our free Slackbot allows you to track any CloudTrail event in real time in Slack without the fuss, making it more powerful that CloudWatch. You can alert any channel or member when an event takes place, and even merge rules.

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Just choose which events you want to receive notifications on and you can notify single users or the entire channel, alerting them to critical events. You also have the ability to receive detailed information about the CloudTrail event for each notification, as and when you need it. We wanted to make something that’s really straightforward to operate, and we considered this for install. All you need to do is run a simple command for your AWS CLI, and you can start tracking your CloudTrail events using our Slackbot within a few seconds (of course you can also install via Console).

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ChatOps for AWS

You're most likely familiar with the term ‘ChatOps’, tool to make common commands executable from within chat rooms, originally coined by GitHub. The beauty of these 'ChatOps' is that they allow everyone within the chat room to get almost real-time insight into what is happening with their technology stack. At GorillaStack, we have created something that helps DevOps shape their AWS infrastructure, whilst also keeping costs down in your cloud environment.

In addition to our standalone Slackbot, you can use our main GorillaStack product with it’s Slack integration, to manage a multitude of time consuming AWS tasks, such as turning instances on/off or even snooze them for a set period of time. Once configured via your GorillaStack app, you can also schedule and manage Auto Scaling groups from Slack.

Make sure you keep an eye out for what’s in store in future. We’ll be starting to bring these products together as we give you more control around triggering automated events off of CloudTrail alerts - stay tuned!

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