GorillaStack and Polar 7 Hands On Optimisation Day With AWS

Oliver Berger | Wed, 22 Aug 2018

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In August of 2018, GorillaStack collaborated with Polar 7 and Amazon for a "Hands On Day" focused on how to AWS Environment Optimization.

Optimize Your AWS Environment

Concentrating on the Well Architected Framework, the days were a good opportunity for organizations to get an overview on optimizing environments to be:

  • Highly Secure
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Operationally Excellent
  • Cost Optimized

Open Source AWS Resources

Those who attended will have been made aware of 3 CloudFormation templates written by Elliott Spira, GorillaStack CTO.

  1. vpc.yml - for a VPC stack with three public and three private subnets, NAT Gateway, Internet Gateway and all routing.
  2. sandbox.yml - for a sandbox environment, some Autoscaling groups, some standalone EC2 instances, RDS instances and a DynamoDB Table
  3. batch.yml - let's create an awesome AWS Batch environment. Two queues and two compute environments. This is a great starting point with AWS Batch.

Additionally, GorillaStack has made a number of resources available to attendees and of course anyone who wants to take advantage of our code!

GorillaStack Goodies

You can contact us on our slack channel to discuss anything about DevOps or about the day with our community.

You can also grab our open source code for automatic AWS resource tagging.

You can sign up for a free trial of GorillaStack.

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