GorillaStack launches Insights for Amazon Web Services

Oliver Berger | Wed, 27 Apr 2016

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GorillaStack, the technology that eradicates cloud bill shock, today released ‘Insights’, a powerful new analytics tool that helps businesses quickly identify inefficiencies in their cloud deployment and significantly reduce costs.

New analytics tool reduces weeks of manual cloud investigation to minutes

Insights arms businesses with the information they need to identify and reduce or remove over-provisioned Amazon Web Service (AWS) instances, control costs and save time on manual cloud administration.

It analyses a business’ system activity data, reviews CPU utilisation and hourly charges to help companies understand the elasticity and load on their cloud environment, reducing weeks of expensive manual investigation to minutes.

“There is a propensity in the market for businesses to be over-provisioned in their cloud deployment. Insights is designed to ensure companies only pay for the resources they need,” said Oliver Berger, Co-founder at GorillaStack.

“Manual investigations are costly, lengthy and do not provide an ongoing level of analysis and support - the kind required to create long term cost efficiencies. Insights offers a solution to all these challenges by continually analysing the environment and recommending optimisations”.

“Unlike other offerings in the market, GorillaStack's Insights requires no upfront investment or commitment to long-term contracts, and savings are immediate. It also caters to companies of all sizes; from smaller organisations, which may have immature cloud setups, to larger businesses who are often prone to over-provisioning cloud services,” said Berger.

Founded in 2015 by Chris Ellis, Oliver Berger and Elliott Spira, GorillaStack delivers the cost and time savings the cloud always promised by giving IT managers powerful insights into their cloud use, real-time cost notifications, and automated tools including scheduled auto scaling to make cloud deployments up to 40 per cent cheaper. The company now manages more than $20 million in cloud expenditure from major companies around the world.

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