GorillaStack now supports Microsoft Teams

Steven Noble | Wed June 17 2020

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As remote work and corporate chat rocket into the mainstream, Microsoft Teams is suddenly everywhere you look.

And so it is with GorillaStack, where we now support Microsoft Teams as a full client you can use to monitor and manage your cloud resources, whether they’re on Azure or AWS.

Connect your GorillaStack account to Microsoft Teams and you’ll find that you can receive a notice whenever a rule has run, including any reports that the rule generates, on topics ranging from current expenditure to tag compliance reports. You can also receive a notice when a rule:

  • is scheduled to run, and can be paused
  • will run, but only if manually approved
  • will run, but only if not manually denied

Even if you and your immediate team spend most of your time in Slack, this is a great way of channeling selected important information to colleagues who work in other parts of the organization.

Approve or deny GorillaStack rule execution in Microsoft Teams

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