Managing AWS with GorillaStack is now even easier

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We’ve got new features!

All of these new features are based on feedback from our users. Have a problem that needs solving? Get in touch – We love helping our customers win the fight against complexity.

Multiple actions available for each region of a Power Scale

Now you can define all your scaling actions for one or more auto scaling actions in one place for one or more regions.

Easier tag selection with auto-complete in Power Cycle and Power Scale

Have lots of different auto scaling groups or instances? We have made finding and selecting these way easier.

Easier account onboarding, with a custom policy document generator

We now have logic to help you generate the right AWS policy document that you require for the GorillaStack features that you want to use. This is part of our commitment not to ask for more than we need.

Hipchat and Slack notifications before power cycle or scale executions

Let the team know when dev and staging resources are about to be turned on or off. If anyone is working late, snooze and cancel links are available and will save your team from lost productivity. You can read more about our AWS Slack Integration here.

Support for multiple tag values (using CSV) on your instances and autoscale groups in AWS

Does your GorillaStack tag for your instance or auto scale group really need 2 or more values? Too easy! We now support comma-separated tag values, so you can categorise your resources however you wish.

Don’t forget – If you have any suggestions or questions or just want to say hi – you can drop us a message using our chat interface or by e-mail. We’d love to hear from you!

One Comment on “Managing AWS with GorillaStack is now even easier”

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