Microsoft Azure Support

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For quite a while, customers running a multi-cloud environment and other prospects running strictly in Microsoft Azure have been asking us to extend GorillaStack to support this cloud vendor.

We’re happy to announce that our private beta of Microsoft-Azure support has gone live.

We are currently supporting the following triggers:

  • Schedule
  • Webhook
  • Manual Run only

And the following actions:

  • Deallocate VMs
  • Start VMs
  • Update Scale Sets
  • Update Autoscale Settings

Our Azure platform support inherits our same Tag Group mechanism. The only difference is that now, customers with access to the Azure platform, will have an extra option when selecting their Rule context, to select the Rule “platform” as either AWS or Azure for that particular rule.

We’re excited to see how this goes! Please write in and let us know if you want access to the private beta.

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