3 New Actions: Reboot EC2 Instances, Bunker EBS & RDS Snapshots

Elliott Spira | Thu, 08 Mar 2018

We love responding to customer feature requests! Our customers get in touch over our public slack and let us know what features they're after. We socialize these with the broader user base, sharing over our public roadmap on Trello and with specific customers who are in a special group we call "Friends of GorillaStack".

I'm always proud to announce new features, but especially so when they are requested by our amazing customers.

Reboot EC2 Instances

This comes from a customer who had issues with some old legacy applications with memory leaks. Sometimes, because of costs, licensing, resources or a litany of other reasons/realities, it is not practicable to go and fix the underlying issue, but rather reboot EC2 instances periodically on a schedule. We heard the pain in this customers voice and beyond this the frustration that they had to create two rules, one to stop and one to start. Easy fix there.

Bunker EBS Snapshots

We heard that customers have been finding it hard to move EBS snapshots between regions. It is proving increasingly difficult to manage the mapping of KMS keys between regions, and deciding whether to encrypt unencrypted snapshots, copy them unencrypted, ignore them, so on so forth.

Copy Snapshots Screenshot 1024x416

Bunker RDS Snapshots

Similarly to EBS snapshots detailed above, we can bunker RDS snapshots, such that we are ready to restore snapshots for either purposes of disaster recovery preparation or perhaps the management of UAT/preproduction environments that require production data updates.

Have a use case that we're not covering? Get in touch and let us know what you're after!

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