Engine Room Overhaul

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The team is thrilled to unveil the second iteration of the Engine Room. You can now filter the view to the account level and see month-on-month changes in GorillaStack automation metrics. UX improvements and increased performance makes the Engine Room more usable than ever, assisting users to both understand their GorillaStack usage patterns and identify opportunities to automate more of … Read More

Deeper Data Interpolation For Backup Actions

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Users now have the capabilities to apply underlying action and resource data to EBS backups. When creating EBS snapshots users can now specify highly dynamic Names, Descriptions and Additional Tag values. This feature helps our users ensure that every snapshot is simple to identify and as descriptive as possible.

How PennyMac Saved 36% off their Cloud Bill

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…slashing their cloud expenses in just 8 months Challenge Being a direct, online mortgage lender means PennyMac can focus on the needs of its customers rather than maintaining a network of branches and banking products. The company’s licensed loan officers are trained to help customers through the process every step of the way. Since its founding in 2008, PennyMac has … Read More

Rule Labels

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A Label is user defined identifying metadata for a Rule. Within the Rules view any Label on a Rule is available as a clickable filter. When a label is selected as a filter the Rules view filters to only show Rules with Labels in common. This greatly improves the user experience for teams who have multiple Rules. Big thank you … Read More

Dynamic GorillaStack Role Customization

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We are so incredibly excited to announce this feature. Let me quickly explain the customer problem. While we have been successfully expanding the number of GorillaStack triggers and actions to satisfy customer needs, we have also been broadening the default set of privileges that we require to perform these actions. However, not all customers need a all our actions and … Read More

Providing warnings for Start EC2 Instances action targeting Instances with attached KMS encrypted EBS volumes

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One of the more challenging things to debug within AWS is where you attempt to start an EC2 instance which has attached KMS encrypted EBS volumes, with the corresponding CMK key policy not granting the EC2 service the permissions it needs. We now provide warnings within the action view where a selected tag group targets an EC2 instance of this … Read More

Improved Manual Data Collection Performance

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We wanted to ensure that when a user builds a tag group they are always within reach of freshly collected data from all integrated platforms. Enabled by new architecture changes we now have the capacity to run manual data collection in an increasingly parallelised fashion. This is just one of many upcoming features to improve the user experience around composing … Read More

Update Security Group Action

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With the Update Security Groups action you can automate the regular cleanup of ingress and egress rules in your Security Groups to remove unwanted access patterns. For example, you can schedule an action to remove SSH access that allows access to all incoming IPs. This is our first action in the security remediation space and we really look forward to … Read More

Update ECS Service Scale Action

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With the Update ECS Service Scale action you will be able to update desired task instantiation counts across any number of ECS services. Similar to our Update Auto Scaling Group action you will be able to cache existing settings and restore to them an accompanying Rule. We’re really excited to start supporting even more use cases around containerised workloads so … Read More

Compact Rule Cards

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You can now toggle between VISUAL and COMPACT display options within the Rules view. Users often mentioned that Rules with multiple actions made the Rules view challenging to navigate, requiring scrolling and resulting in a disorientating experience. By allowing a toggleable display option you can easily choose whichever view you prefer and change at any point in time.