GorillaStack Achieves Amazon Web Services Cloud Management Tools Competency Status

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Atlanta – September 14, 2018 – GorillaStack, the Rules Engine for Cost Optimisation and Automation, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Management Tools Competency status. This designation recognizes that GorillaStack assists AWS customers in provisioning and managing AWS workloads through specialized solutions for administering & provisioning, managing, and optimizing AWS resources. Achieving the AWS Cloud … Read More

How a London FinTech Saved 70% On Their Dev Resources

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The company provides an optimised, cloud-based platform to handle multi-regime financial reporting obligations. This streamlines compliance and reporting for their global customers. Challenge The cloud ops team had the classic challenge of trying to contain ramping cloud costs whilst growing rapidly and onboarding new customers and partners. At one time they had 400 VPC environments setup for customer/partner UAT and … Read More

AWS Community Day 2018

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In September of 2018, Elliott, CTO of GorillaStack collaborated presented at AWS Community Day in San Francisco on the importance of elasticity in AWS and the best way to automate for optimal performance. Optimise Your AWS Environment Concentrating on the Well Architected Framework, the presentation wAs a good opportunity for developers to get an overview on optimising environments to be: … Read More

Splitting your Serverless Framework API on AWS

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The serverless framework has really accelerated the development of APIs for new applications, particularly for mobile or web backends, exposing existing systems for via an API for integration. When combined with the AWS Lambda + API Gateway model for API development makes the value proposition easy for low-usage through its “pay only for the time your code runs” model. Developers … Read More

Sequence Multiple Actions With One Rule

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You could only run one Action in a Rule. Until now. One Rule can now contain a sequence of multiple actions! Additionally we are announcing that a user can add new Pause stages into the sequence of actions. What is a Pause stage? Place a pause into a sequence of actions to either postpone actions and/or introduce extra conditions before … Read More

Subscribe to Rule Execution logs

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You can now subscribe to Successful, Partially Successful and/or Failed Rule Action executions. How to Access Notifications for Rule Executions Navigate to _Team Settings (via the team context dropdown)_ From Team Settings select Event Notifications from the side menu Click Add A Notification Configuration Select which event types and event statuses you wish to subscribe to, and configure which channels … Read More

Cron option for Scheduling

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Our scheduling capabilities are very popular with customers. Being able to leverage our multi-timezone support, notifications and options to snooze and cancel have always been key features. However, customers have wanted to be able to create scheduled actions that don’t necessarily occur at a daily or weekly level. Sometimes customers wanted to run something on the first Wednesday of the … Read More

Online Health Care Advice Provider Saves 70% on AWS With GorillaStack

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A national Australian, government-owned, not-for-profit organization that works with governments to develop and deliver health and related services. Challenge As a government funded entity and an NPO, budget performance is critical. As the organisation matured its use of cloud, visibility into escalating costs for their flagship web app became a concern in 2015. The team was searching for a way … Read More

5 things I’d rather do as a DevOps engineer

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…. other than writing scripts to manipulate my resources Time is the only commodity we cannot earn back in life. To make matters worse, it is a commodity that we are perpetually losing. With our hours at work, we want to make sure that we triage our tasks and utilise our time for maximum leverage. We want to be as … Read More

GorillaStack and Polar 7 Hands On Optimisation Day With AWS

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In August of 2018, GorillaStack collaborated with Polar 7 and Amazon for a “Hands On Day” focused on how to AWS Environment Optimisation. Optimise Your AWS Environment Concentrating on the Well Architected Framework, the days were a good opportunity for organisations to get an overview on optimising environments to be: Highly Secure Efficient Reliable Operationally Excellent Cost Optimised Open Source … Read More