How A Major Telco Saved 36% Of Their Cloud Spend With GorillaStack – $4,000,000

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Challenge Rising Cloud Costs A major telecommunications service provider made a strategic decision in early 2017 to begin to shift workloads from on-premise data centers to the cloud. Cost oversight and governance were fundamental requirements for success. They projected expanding to more than $1M monthly spend on cloud over the following 36 months and thoroughly evaluated whether a homegrown DevOps … Read More

Keep Your Cloud Infrastructure Organised With Dynamic Tags

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Here at GorillaStack, we know that strategic tagging is one of the keys to awesome infrastructure management in the cloud. Intelligent tags make everything easier, from allocating costs to debugging CloudFormation templates to optimising your spend. That is why we have always encouraged our devops heroes to use tags to decide which resources are targeted by their GorillaStack rules, and … Read More

Control AWS from Slack Using GorillaStack

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We love ChatOps here at GorillaStack. Our CloudTrail alerts Slack bot and rich notifications from our AWS Rules Engine are great for receiving alerts and monitoring your cloud environment, but we’re not content with stopping there. We have grand plans for further ChatOps developments to give users the power to take action, and control resources — not just monitor them … Read More

Release Disassociated Elastic IPs

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Elastic IPs have some pretty tricky pricing. While they are meant to be free, you will be charged if any of the following conditions are true: EIP is not associated with an instance Instance associated with the EIP is not running The instance associated with the EIP only has more than one EIP address attached to it Sometimes Elastic IPs … Read More


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Finally! Our REST API is generally available! Now, users will be able to use our REST API to manage their Rules and Tag Groups. Check out the API Overview in our docs to see how you can get started. We’re exited! Platform API, Events API? Get in touch and tell us which API you want next!

Microsoft Azure Support

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For quite a while, customers running a multi-cloud environment and other prospects running strictly in Microsoft Azure have been asking us to extend GorillaStack to support this cloud vendor. We’re happy to announce that our private beta of Microsoft-Azure support has gone live. We are currently supporting the following triggers: Schedule Webhook Manual Run only And the following actions: Deallocate … Read More

AWS re:Invent 2018 Guide – An Alternative Look

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Congratulations – you convinced the boss to let you go to re:Invent in Vegas! You’ve started reading up on all the most useful talks, the breakouts and you’ve probably lined up a bunch of meetings with key vendors / clients / contacts (delete as appropriate). But what about the leisure time? How are you planning to spend that well earned … Read More

Software Contracts in the Age of React

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At its core, modern programming is about contracts and conventions that we take for granted until they are broken. When that happens, it’s like waking up in a world that has forgetten the meaning of money or manners. Break the social contract like this, and all forms of interaction come to an abrupt halt. Take this simple example: What are … Read More

GorillaStack Achieves Amazon Web Services Cloud Management Tools Competency Status

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Atlanta – September 14, 2018 – GorillaStack, the Rules Engine for Cost Optimisation and Automation, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Management Tools Competency status. This designation recognizes that GorillaStack assists AWS customers in provisioning and managing AWS workloads through specialized solutions for administering & provisioning, managing, and optimizing AWS resources. Achieving the AWS Cloud … Read More

How a London FinTech Saved 70% On Their Dev Resources

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The company provides an optimised, cloud-based platform to handle multi-regime financial reporting obligations. This streamlines compliance and reporting for their global customers. Challenge The cloud ops team had the classic challenge of trying to contain ramping cloud costs whilst growing rapidly and onboarding new customers and partners. At one time they had 400 VPC environments setup for customer/partner UAT and … Read More