Release Notes v.0.20.0 - New Features For AWS Cost Management

Elliott Spira | Tue, 12 Apr 2016

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At GorillaStack HQ we're excited to announce a few new features that we've released.

We've already got a slew tools to help you manage your AWS Costs.

  • You can turn off EC2 instances by schedule using Power Cycle
  • You can also schedule changes to your Auto Scaling groups to meet demand using Power Scale
  • Get regular billing alerts and alerts for spikes in activity
  • Find useful & powerful insights for rightsizing your fleet

We've been listening to feedback from our users and shipped a bunch of enhancements that we think you'll all enjoy. Please, feel free to get in touch if you have any requests for new products or there are any new AWS Cost Management Tools that you'd like to see us work on.

In the meantime, please enjoy our enhancements:

  • Manually run Power Cycle and Power Scale on demand - for when you want to execute instantly, outside of your scheduled times
  • Extra notifications when Power Cycle or Power Scale are snoozed or cancelled so you can keep your whole team informed of whats happening in your environment by e-mail, HipChat or our AWS Slack Integration
  • We've made Team and Account access management easier - check out our new team page
  • The start time for Power Cycle is now optional, so you don't have to set one if you don't want to. This is perfect for cases with low utilisation of resources.
  • Our AWS cost dashboard now supports consolidated billing accounts

As always, if you'd like a free laptop sticker to celebrate these new releases, drop us a line!

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