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Oliver Berger | Tue, 13 Dec 2016

At GorillaStack we often get asked about our inspiration for building our product and what drives us to keep releasing featured designed to help DevOps automate and schedule their cloud services. Frankly, we exist to help simplify the day to day task of the DevOps engineer and his workload.

Schedule EC2s

One of the primary requests we had when we first started out was for the ability to Schedule AWS EC2 to turn on and off at given times. This is one of our oldest and most used features. When we spoke with our users recently and asked what they liked most about it, they often mentioned our rich chatops integrations which means they can integrate AWS with Slack or Hipchat and snooze or cancel these actions, allowing them to maintain constant control and visibility over their AWS environment.


Schedule Auto Scaling

In the same way that our users can schedule EC2 instances to switch on and off, they can also schedule auto scaling groups to scale up and down to meet periods of high and low demand. This gives users a little more flexibility than the offering from AWS - multi timezone and multi region being just one of 7 advantages that we provide. You can read more about that here.


AWS Billing Alerts

Another part of our chatOps integration that our users say they enjoy is our rich AWS alerts. You can set up alerts to come to your periodically via Slack or Hipchat to keep you up to speed on what you're spending. If you're really concerned about your bills getting out of control, you can also set up threshold alerts to let you know when your spend surpasses a certain figure. One famous (but anonymous!) stories from one of our customers involves their AWS getting hacked and being used to mine bitcoin. If it hadn't been for our alerts, who knows where their spend would have gotten to!


Schedule AWS EBS Management

Recently one of our customers reached out to us and told us how difficult they were finding it to manage their EBS snapshot and volume deletion. Eventually that lead to us releasing our Automated EBS Deletion feature. Now, thanks to GorillaStack, our users can control automated snapshot and volume deletion by AWS Region, AWS Account as well as via Snapshot & Volume Tags. You can make your storage lifecycles as open or restricted as you like using advanced logic to determine what gets deleted and what gets retained.

hard disk

With plenty more on the roadmap, and a bunch of awesome customers who love our product already, why not give it a try. You can join our free tier today, no credit card required and no commitment.. just some simple scheduling for you AWS Cloud!

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