Subscribe to "Successful", "Partially Successful" and/or "Failed" Events

Oliver Berger | Mon, 06 Aug 2018

Our event log has been a great place to see:

  1. Audit history of your GorillaStack configurations
  2. The history of your Rule Executions and a contemporaneous record of which resources were affected
  3. Erroneous account setup and items that require your attention

However, we noticed that our binary state of succeeded and failed was not always communicating the whole picture.

Consider the case where a Rule to "Create Snapshots" targets 12 Volumes, however an error is returned from AWS on the 10th Volume. GorillaStack is built for optimistic execution and will continue to execute on the remaining 2 Volumes. When classifying the event for this Rule's execution, it is incorrect to mark it as succeeded and also not quite right to mark it as failed (we historically did the latter regardless, being the "least wrong" state representation).

So, we have added another state partially succeeded, to describe scenarios where some, but not all of the targeted resources were successfully actioned.

But this was not quite enough. We decided to build a mechanism such that users could subscribe to different events and have notifications delivered via Email or Slack.

What is the new feature?

You can now subscribe to Successful, Partially Successful and/or Failed Rule Action executions.

How to access and use this feature

  1. Navigate to Team Settings (via the team context dropdown)
  2. From Team Settings select Event Notifications from the side menu
  3. Click Add A Notification Configuration
  4. Select which event types and event statuses you wish to subscribe to, and configure which channels (email, slack) you wish to receive notifications in
  5. Save the event configuration!

Event Log Subscription 1024x765

Please let us know what you think!

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