The AWS Snowball Edge Is Indestructible

Oliver Berger | Tue, 14 Mar 2017

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We were all blown away when Amazon announced AWS Snowmobile at re:Invent 2016. I sat there as the truck rolled into the exhibition centre and wondered if it was a marketing gimmick or a legitimate utility that corporations could utilise for physical transfer of data.

While Snowmobile took a bunch of attention at re:Invent, Amazon also announced the more widely available Snowball Edge, an upgrade on their previously available AWS Snowball. Where the original Snowball was able to store and transfer only (!) 80tb of data, Snowball Edge will carry 100tb for you.

If you spend a good amount of time transferring that much data to the HD, you might be wondering how safe the transfer process is as the disk rattles about in the back of a courier's van. Well, wonder no longer - AWS have the answer for you.

It's completely shock-proof to some amazing military standard that apparently exists to test such things.

Take that potholes, earth quakes and other hazards!

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