Power Cycle

Schedule changes to AWS EC2 Instances

We get it - you're running up bills on non-production instances but it's a pain to keep switching them on and off.

We've made it super simple to be a DevOps hero and keep the boss off your back with our advanced on/off scheduling features. Get Started In Minutes!

If you're anything like us, you love your chat tools. That's why we have built integrations that allow you to monitor via Hipchat & Slack. Get real-time visibility over your Power Cycles, so you can be confident that they're running as planned.


Save money on EC2 instances when you're not using them.

Schedule when to power your EC2 instances on and off.

Cycle EC2 instances on demand & instantly.

Snooze or Cancel a Power Cycle in app or via HipChat / Slack.

Get notified before an instance powers off - snooze or cancel the action.

'Run Now' functionality to bring infrastructure back up on demand.

14 day trial