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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Cost Optimization

1What functionality is available in GorillaStack Cost Optimization?
2How can I schedule EC2 Instances or Azure VMs?
To schedule EC2 Instances or Azure VMs with GorillaStack simply set up a pair of rules - one to turn a group of instances or VMs on at a certain time and another rule to turn them off. You can target groups of instances based on your existing tags, while also capturing groups of tags. You can notify all your users or subsets of your users via Slack and Email that a change is about to take place. Using SAML, RBAC, User Groups and User Roles you can assign permissions for users to snooze or cancel those rules or create new rules for themselves.


1Are you available on AWS Marketplace?

Yes, you can pay for us via the AWS marketplace, GorillaStack will appear as an item on your bill every month.

2Do you offer discounts?

We do! If you want to pay a year up front, we'll give you 2 months for free, you can get in contact at any time. Also, call us if you're a not-for-profit, we'll assess these on a case-by-case basis.

3What if most of my costs aren't covered by GorillaStack, how much will I pay?

If you believe that a majority of your cloud costs are unable to be reduced by GorillaStack but would still like to use GorillaStack on a portion of your services, then get in touch and we'll work with you to help figure out more suitable pricing.

Getting Started

1How do I link my cloud accounts to GorillaStack?

AWS Accounts are linked to GorillaStack by deploying a CloudFormation template. When deployed this CloudFormation template:

  1. Creates an IAM role for cross-account access. GorillaStack assumes this role when collecting data and executing actions and the role's IAM permissions control GorillaStack's level of privilege
  2. Creates a Lambda Function which has the sole responsibility of posting back to GorillaStack on successful or unsuccessful stack creation.

Azure subscriptions are linked by running a script in the Azure cloud shell.

2What if I don't link all my organization’s accounts to GorillaStack?

The GorillaStack bill is only calculated based on the infrastructure that is linked to GorillaStack. If you don’t connect any AWS accounts we won’t charge you for coverage.

3What permissions do I need to give to GorillaStack?

An AWS Account is linked to GorillaStack by deploying a CloudFormation template.

This CloudFormation template creates a role for cross-account access, containing IAM permissions which control what GorillaStack can do within a linked account.

Within GorillaStack you can enable and disable Rule Triggers and Actions to only allow what you want to use. When you make changes to enabled Rule Triggers and Actions we generate a unique CloudFormation template, containing only the IAM permissions you need.

To leverage all Triggers and Actions in GorillaStack Cost Optimization, a linked account needs to allow the following IAM permissions:

autoscaling:DescribeAutoScalingGroups autoscaling:UpdateAutoScalingGroup dynamodb:DescribeTable dynamodb:ListTables dynamodb:ListTagsOfResource dynamodb:UpdateTable ec2:DeleteSnapshot ec2:DeleteVolume ec2:DescribeAddresses ec2:DescribeInstances ec2:DescribeSnapshots ec2:DescribeTags ec2:DescribeVolumes ec2:RebootInstances ec2:ReleaseAddress ec2:StartInstances ec2:StopInstances ecs:DescribeServices ecs:ListClusters ecs:ListServices ecs:UpdateService rds:DescribeDBInstances rds:DescribeDBSnapshots rds:ListTagsForResource rds:StartDBInstance rds:StopDBInstance sns:ConfirmSubscription sns:ListTopics sns:Subscribe sns:Unsubscribe

4Can I customize GorillaStack's permissions in my linked cloud accounts?


We provide the option of customizing the template using the GorillaStack interface to restrict the available permissions to just the Rules Engine Actions and Triggers that you need (no CloudFormation knowledge needed!). This can be done on first-time Account Setup, or by updating the setup for already linked accounts.

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