Product Releases and Updates

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23 Apr 2019

Stop Start of RDS Instances in Aurora DB Clusters

You will find that the Stop RDS Instances and Start RDS Instances action views now have an option to target RDS Instances in Aurora DB Clusters. This is a huge opportunity for AWS […]
18 Apr 2019

Suspend and Resume Auto Scaling Processes Actions

You can now suspend and resume any/all processes on EC2 Auto Scaling Groups. Here is a Processes list: Terminate HealthCheck ReplaceUnhealthy AZRebalance AlarmNotification ScheduledActions AddToLoadBalancer This is particularly helpful in a sequence […]
11 Apr 2019

Engine Room Overhaul

The team is thrilled to unveil the second iteration of the Engine Room. You can now filter the view to the account level and see month-on-month […]
03 Apr 2019

Deeper Data Interpolation For Backup Actions

Users now have the capabilities to apply underlying action and resource data to EBS backups. When creating EBS snapshots users can now specify highly dynamic Names, […]
23 Mar 2019

Rule Labels

A Label is user defined identifying metadata for a Rule. Within the Rules view any Label on a Rule is available as a clickable filter. When a label […]
23 Mar 2019

Dynamic GorillaStack Role Customization

We are so incredibly excited to announce this feature. Let me quickly explain the customer problem. While we have been successfully expanding the number of GorillaStack […]
15 Mar 2019

Update Security Group Action

With the Update Security Groups action you can automate the regular cleanup of ingress and egress rules in your Security Groups to remove unwanted access patterns. […]
13 Mar 2019

Update ECS Service Scale Action

With the Update ECS Service Scale action you will be able to update desired task instantiation counts across any number of ECS services. Similar to our […]