Product Releases and Updates

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12 Mar 2019

Compact Rule Cards

You can now toggle between VISUAL and COMPACT display options within the Rules view. Users often mentioned that Rules with multiple actions made the Rules view challenging to navigate, requiring […]
05 Mar 2019

Multi-AZ RDS Instance Stops

Did you know: A t2.micro Multi-AZ PostgreSQL RDS Instance = $46.40 USD per month (deployed across only 2 AZs) It was just last month that AWS announced […]
10 Feb 2019

User Management Update

Yikes, this time last year, adding users to a team could be tricky. Since then, we have shipped a SAML integration for enterprise customers to associate […]
02 Feb 2019

Clone Rules

This isn’t a Star Wars, the Island, 6th Day or other movie reference. No. It’s just a little public service announcement to let you know that […]
23 Jan 2019

Search and Sort in the Rules Index

We often hear that customers like our simple User Interface and find it very easy to configure our Rules to manage their cloud environments. However, over […]
01 Jan 2019

Implement Sophisticated Workflows Using GorillaStack Sequences

We built some new stuff Firstly, we built support for a sequence of actions. You are no longer restricted to executing a single Action in your […]
13 Dec 2018

Customize your GorillaStack Cross-Account Role

If you’ve recently signed up or added any new accounts recently, you may have noticed some changes to the account setup process. These changes have been […]
12 Nov 2018

Keep Your Cloud Infrastructure Organised With Dynamic Tags

Here at GorillaStack, we know that strategic tagging is one of the keys to awesome infrastructure management in the cloud. Intelligent tags make everything easier, from allocating costs […]
30 Oct 2018

Release Disassociated Elastic IPs

Elastic IPs have some pretty tricky pricing. While they are meant to be free, you will be charged if any of the following conditions are true: […]
22 Oct 2018


Finally! Our REST API is generally available! Now, users will be able to use our REST API to manage their Rules and Tag Groups. Check out […]