Delete EBS by Schedule

Automate lifecycles for EBS Volumes, Snapshots & AMIs by scheduling their deletion

  • Select your volumes, snapshots or images

    Leverage your AWS tags to determine which EBS volumes, snapshots or images that you want to target for deletion. Alternatively you can choose to target all EBS volumes, snapshots and AMIs that meet the rest of your rules.

  • Create a schedule

    Determine how old an EBS snapshot should be before deleting. Decide how long an EBS volume should be detached before applying a deletion rule. Decide how old an EBS image should be, or how many to keep before deleting.

  • Let the magic happen

    When it’s time to delete part of your EBS infrastructure, you’ll receive an alert by Slack, Hipchat or E-mail. From there you can choose to snooze or cancel the deletion if you need to intervene for any reason.

Delete Detached EBS Volumes

Remove EBS volumes that have been deleted for n days or more

Delete old EBS Snapshots

Delete snapshots after they stop providing any further utility

Delete expired EBS AMIs

Delete EBS images if you have too many backed up or they’re tool old to be useful

Target by region

Alongside tags, you can target what to delete based on where the storage is located

Control Costs

Save money by getting rid of storage that is no longer required by your team


Intervene in any deletion by responding to notifications in Slack, Hipchat & E-mail

You're in good company