Schedule EC2 Run Commands

Automatically trigger Shell Scripts and Power Shell Scripts on a predictable schedule

  • Identify where to run the Shell Script

    Using your existing tag infrastructure, you can select from within GorillaStack which instances to target for running Shell Scripts and Power Shell Scripts. Take advantage of GorillaStack’s advanced Tag Groups using regex, case sensitive or insensitive and logic gates to target on a granular level.

  • Choose when to run the Shell Script

    Determine days and times when it would most suit you to run a script on your EC2 machine. Common use cases include running janitorial functions, starting up applications at specific times or closing them gracefully before an EC2 is scheduled to shut down.

  • Sit back and relax

    GorillaStack will run the Shell Script at your time of choosing, giving you the confidence that the maintenance and heavy lifting is being taken care of inside your EC2 instance. You can choose to be notified via Slack, HipChat or E-mail in advance to intercede if you want an extra guard rail.

Works Inside Your EC2 instance

You can run a Shell Script inside one of your EC2 instances on schedule

Run Script Across Multiple Instances

Run a script in as many instances as you like using advanced targeting logic

Automate Janitorial Functions

Reduce the requirement for undifferentiated heavy lifting and reliance on Cron

Run Across Multi Regions & Accounts

Flexibility to manage multiple and complex environments with one rule

Optimise Load on Instances

Schedule applications to start and then to stop to optimise load on instances

Intercede In A Schedule

Cancel or snooze a schedule by interacting with rich notifications from Slack, HipChat or E-mail.

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