Schedule RDS Instances

Automate start and stop times for AWS RDS instances with schedules

  • Select your instances

    Choose which RDS instances to target by using your native AWS tags. Using GorillaStack’s advanced logic you can create reusable Tag Groups. You can set rules for RDS instances running PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Create a schedule

    Decide when to turn your RDS instances on or off. You’re able to start up an RDS instance without needing a rule to bring it back down again or vice-versa. You can also set up multiple schedules targeting different Tag Groups.

  • Let the magic happen

    Relax. When its time for the RDS instance to start or stop you can get an alert in Slack, HipChat or E-mail. Once you receive the alert you can choose to undo or suspend the action. Take advantage of our team permissions and roles to enable others to intercede at any point.

Turn RDS Instances On

Turn on 1 or many RDS instances at predictable times of the week

Turn RDS Instances Off

Turn off RDS instances at times when you know that they won’t be required

Be More Elastic

Leverage the benefits of the cloud by only using what you need

Leverage Existing AWS Tags

Use your internal tagging policy to specify which instances to target

Reduce Cloud Costs

Drive your costs by turning off your instances when they’re not in use


Intervene into a schedule by engaging with rich alerts from Slack, HipChat or E-mail

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