Create Windows VSS Snapshots By Schedule

Automate VSS Snapshot creation with tag targeting and schedule

Select which disks to snapshot

Identify which Windows instances you want to back up and then create snapshots of the attached disks. You can optionally target which instances to snapshot by tag groups, account and/or region.

Create a rule

Determine how regularly you want to create a VSS snapshot from an instance by setting a schedule. Additionally you can tag the new snapshot with tags copied from the instance, tags from the instance or specific new tags.

Integrations for full automation control

Receive upcoming schedule execution notifications via Slack or email. You can assign permissions to your team to snooze or cancel any occurrence of a snapshot function.

Take VSS Snapshots

Schedule VSS snapshots of your disks attached to Windows instances.

Apply Automatic or Custom Tags

Apply tags from the original instance, or create your own tags.

Target by Tag

Define which Windows instances to snapshot based on their tags using advanced logic.

Target by Region

Alongside tags & accounts, you can target what to snapshot based on where the instance is located.

Target by Account

Alongside tags & regions, target snapshot creation based on which accounts the instances are in.


Intervene in any snapshot creation by responding to notifications via Slack or email.

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