AWS EBS Snapshot and Volume Automation

Spinning up EC2 instances is so easy that we tend to forget about all of the Elastic Block Store (EBS) bundled with each and every instance. EBS, the virtual disk that remains as a remnant of each instance has a tendency to be overlooked, until we realise just how much money we waste on dormant volumes and snapshots that we don't intend to use.

Gorillastack Storage helps DevOps professionals take control of their storage. Plan lifecycles for volumes and snapshots, so they disappear when their useful life is over.

Target all of them, or get as specific as you need. Pay for what you need, and put the rest to bed.


Schedule lifecycles for snapshots and volumes to save on AWS usage.

Gain confidence by scheduling deletion tasks in safe mode.

Get notified before a lifecycle is executed through email or via HipChat / Slack.

Target all volumes, or get specific with targeting via instance tags.

14 day trial