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29 Dec 2020


Automate DynamoDB Throughput 

Scale maximum read & write capacity to meet demand

Select which DynamoDB tables to scale

Target one or many tables at one time using your existing tags to update the Read Capacity & Write Capacity in order to avoid throttling requests around known peaks in throughput requirements and to quickly back-off and save money around troughs.

Create a rule

Determine how you wish to trigger changes to your DynamoDB throughput settings. A common use case is a schedule that anticipates known peak throttling issues and leverages savings during predictable troughs.


Focus on more important work

When it’s time for the DynamoDB throughput settings to change, an update will be preceded by a notification via email, Slack or Teams (with a list of all targeted tables included) and then snoozed or cancelled.

Scale Throughput Up & Down

Anticipate known peaks and troughs in DynamoDB usage

Target Multiple Tables by Tag

Set rules that persist for DynamoDB for your whole AWS environment

Use Any Trigger

Trigger by schedule, cost threshold, webhook or many other events

Target by Region

Alongside tags & accounts, you can target based on where the DynamoDB table is located.


Cancel or snooze a schedule by interacting with rich notifications from Slack or email.

Target by Account

Alongside tags & regions, target throughput based on which accounts the volumes are in.

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