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31 Dec 2020
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Bunker RDS Snapshots

Automatically move RDS snapshots between regions

Select your RDS snapshots

Use your existing RDS Snapshot tag structure to identify which snapshots to move across regions. Manage the mapping of KMS keys between regions, choosing to target based on encrypted.


Create a schedule

Determine the frequency for bunkering your database backups into new regions. Ensure industry and regulatory best practice as well as exceptional disaster recovery processes by regularly copying to other regions.


Have confidence in your disaster recovery

Operate with confidence knowing that your snapshot has been copied to another region. If there are any issues with availability or security in your current region, you can rest easy that you’ll still have access to your RDS database snapshots.

Copy Snapshot

GorillaStack duplicates your RDS snapshot so that it can be bunkered.

Use Your AWS Tags

Target based on your existing AWS tags as well as based on encrypted / unencrypted.

Copy to Another Region

GorillaStack automatically copies your snapshot to another region of your choosing.

Schedule Regular Bunkering

Reduce your cos.s by cycling your instances when they’re not required

Target Based on Encryption

Choose whether or not to encrypt unencrypted backups in the process.

Enable Your Team

Empower your team to manage their own snapshots while limiting controls for security.

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