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30 Dec 2020
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Schedule Azure AutoScale Settings

Automatically schedule min, max and default settings for Azure AutoScale

Select your AutoScale Groups

Use existing Azure tags to pinpoint AutoScale groups to amend. Leverage boolean and regex to group tags together into “tag groups”, giving you the freedom to target any combination of AutoScale settings with one or many rules.


Create a schedule

Define when you want your Azure AutoScale settings to update to ensure optimal elasticity in your environment and the appropriate response to predictable fluctuations in demand. Adjust settings by region and timezone with one or multiple rules for ultimate flexibility.


Integrations for full automation control

Receive upcoming schedule execution notifications via Slack or email. From there you can snooze or cancel the action. Using our advanced roles and permissions you can enable your team to take control at that point too.

Adjust AutoScale Configurations

Use a schedule to make changes to min, max and default states.

Use Your Azure Tags

Use your existing Azure tags to determine which AutoScale Groups to target.

Target Multiple Regions

Target as many regions as you want using just 1 rule to drive all your configuration updates.

Control Costs

Optimize your costs by avoiding the pitfalls of over-provisioning.

Reset to Previous Scale

Once an adjustment has expired you can return to previous scale, whatever that scale was.


Cancel or snooze a schedule by interacting with rich notifications from Slack or email.

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