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Schedule Lambda Function 

Automatically trigger Lambda Functions on a predictable schedule

Select from existing Lambda Functions

Using GorillaStack’s advanced rules engine, you can trigger the invocation of any Lambda function from across your AWS accounts and regions, with a custom JSON payload and encrypt environment variable overrides.


Pick a time to invoke the function

Determine days and times when you want your Lambda function to run based on the needs of your organization and its environments. If you have any janitorial function or undifferentiated heavy lifting that you need to take place at a given interval, scheduling Lambda is the perfect solution.


Let GorillaStack handle the rest

GorillaStack will invoke the Lambda function at the time you and your team choose with the predefined payload. If at any point you don’t want the scheduled Lambda function to run, you can intervene via Slack, Teams, email or in-app.

Invoke Lambda Function On Schedule

Run one or many Lambda functions at the exact times that you require it.

Encrypt Environmental Variable Overrides

Permanently obfuscate any sensitive variables attached to the Lambda function.

Use a Custom JSON Payload

Define inside GorillaStack any custom JSON that you would like to include with the Lambda function.

Invoke Across Multi Regions & Accounts

Flexibility to manage multiple and complex environments with one rule.

Automate Janitorial Functions

Relinquish yourself of mundane undifferentiated heavy lifting tasks.


Cancel or snooze a schedule by interacting with rich notifications from Slack, Teams or email.

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