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18 Jan 2021
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31 Dec 2020


Update ECS Service Scale Action

Update desired task instantiation counts across ECS services

Select your ECS Services

Leverage your current AWS tag structure to identify which ECS services to target. In GorillaStack, you can group sets of tags together using boolean and regex logic. This allows you to target any combination of auto scaling groups with confidence.

Cache Existing Settings

You can optionally cache existing settings and restore to them an accompanying rule. This allows you to scale down the number of task instantiations within a given service and then scale back to the stored pre-existing settings

Create a Schedule

Allocate times for making changes to ECS services so that your environment can respond to predictable changes in demand. You can also slice and dice across regions and timezones, with the freedom to set up multiple schedules.

Adjust ECS desired count

Make changes to desired count of task instantiations using a predictable schedule

Use Your AWS Tags

Use your existing AWS tag structure to target ECS services for your schedule

Target Multiple Regions

Target as many regions as you want using just 1 rule to drive all your configuration updates

Control Costs

Optimize your costs by avoiding the pitfalls of over-provisioning

Reset to Previous Scale

Once an adjustment has expired you can return to previous scale, whatever that scale was


Cancel or snooze a schedule by interacting with rich notifications from Slack or email.


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