Invoke a Lambda Function With a Webhook

Automatically invoke any Lambda function inside your AWS environment using a webhook from an external system

  • Get a webhook endpoint

    Quickly and easily setup a webhook endpoint using the URL provided by GorillaStack – you can apply that webhook to multiple actions inside GorillaStack setting off a range of rules for different services, including Lambda, concurrently.

  • Define a Lambda Function

    Select and define any Lambda function from within your AWS environment, right inside GorillaStack. You can add a custiom JSON payload and encrypt environment variable overrides for extra security.

  • Update your external system

    Add the webhook endpoint URL to your external software (eg Slack or Jira) and define there when you would like to ping the webhook. Once the request is made to the webhook URL, the lambda will be invoked inside your AWS environment. You can trigger multiple lambdas with the same webhook!

Trigger From Any External System

Take the webhook endpoint URL that GorillaStack provides and ping it from any software

Invoke 1 or Multiple Lambda Functions

Set up multiple rules to trigger from the same webhook

Use A Custom JSON Payload

Include custom JSON payloads from GorillaStack based on the webhook trigger or any other variable

Encrypt Environmental Variable Overrides

For extra security, hide particular variables attached to the Lambda function

Invoke from Multi Regions & Accounts

You can invoke lambda functions across any numbers of regions and accounts with just 1 rule

Automate Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

Automate Lambda functions from webhooks to save janitorial work

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