Protect Your Infrastructure on Azure

GorillaStack Real Time Events for Microsoft Azure

Automate your Azure security and compliance efforts in real time so you can get more work done in less time.


Automate Your Cloud Without Code

We empower DevOps to use data from their cloud infrastructure and create workflows to manage costs, enforce governance and achieve compliance across AWS and Microsoft Azure. With GorillaStack, you can:


Average cloud savings reported by customers

over 2 billion

cloud events tracked every month


Set Workflows for Your Cloud

Our preconfigured rules are designed to optimize cloud resources and control cost in AWS and Azure. Simply choose what rules you want, when and where to execute your workflow. No coding required.

Cost Optimization to automate your cloud infrastructure

Cost Optimization

Immediate Cost Reduction
Control cloud cost by reducing wastage from idle and overprovisioned resources.
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Real Time Events to automate your cloud infrastructure

Real Time Events

Observe. Report. Act.
Monitor security threats and automate threat remediation all in one place.
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Backup and Disaster Recovery to automate your cloud infrastructure

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Script-free Peace of Mind
Optimise disaster recovery preparation across accounts and regions
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Delivering Cloud Automation
For Our Customers

Learn how our customers use GorillaStack to manage their cloud resources and
gain significant savings with automation.

Air New Zealand - GorillaStack Customer
Qantas Insurance - GorillaStack Customer
Betfair - GorillaStack Customer
Samsung - GorillaStack Customer
Vodafone - GorillaStack Customer
"It made a massive difference to us"

Ian Jansen
CIO, NSW Department of Industry, Australian Government
"I was delighted to see GorillaStack create incredible value for our joint customers - I can’t wait to see what they ship next"
Jared Jones
Business Development Lead, GitHub


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