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We built a cloud automation platform, so you don’t have to waste time writing scripts


You can deliver your organisation:

More Budget
Cost Savings

Peace of Mind
Backup Automation

Controls for Enterprise
Chat-based Workflows


You’re in good company:

One telco saved 36% by using GorillaStack

A large telecommunications provider saved over $4,000,000 off their cloud bill in 2018 with GorillaStack, representing a 36% discount off the company’s total bill. The business used a combination of GorillaStack’s simple rules, role based access control & chat integration to drive adoption across their development team and best practice cloud optimisation without having to write a single script.

“It made a massive difference to us”
Ian Jansen Chief Information Officer, NSW Department of Industry, Australia

“We cut our AWS dev spend 35% with their product”
Jim Zucker Chief Technology Officer, EzOps

Making DevOps Heroes

Be a hero to your organisation and cut out the custom code for cloud management, it’s “undifferentiated heavy lifting”. You don’t want to get calls from developers to spin up instances or to postpone shut down of instances every time they’re working late. Create, bunker and prune backups automatically without having to manage code and laborious processes. With chat integration, SAML, APIs and role based access control, you can help your whole organisation to optimise its cloud usage automatically while you focus on the cool stuff.

Making Management Heroes

Strip more than 36% out of your cloud bill immediately by enabling GorillaStack inside your organisation. Give your developers and devops the gift of being able to focus on exciting and rewarding work leveraging the cloud’s fullest capabilities while you use GorillaStack to take care of undifferentiated heavy lifting and mundane janitorial tasks. Use GorillaStack for complete peace of mind and reliability that your backups are being created & bunkered and that you’re only spending exactly what you need to on your cloud.