Action your AWS Data Automatically

Take control of cost optimisation, governance and automation by triggering workflows from environmental changes and schedules.

Connect your AWS services and 3rd party solutions into 1 rich logic engine using unobtrusive roles and oAuth solutions that are highly secure.

Set rules to determine how your environment will react to a list of pre-determined changes. Decide how actions are executed in the system.

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Changes only execute based on your own rules and using your workflows meaning that GorillaStack gives you complete control over the process.

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Connect Triggers to Actions to create Rules

AWS Automation Triggers

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    Define days and times that you want any action to be triggered

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    Usage Threshold

    When a service exceeds a usage, volume or size threshold

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    Beta: When a CloudTrail Event takes place

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    Cost Threshold

    When a service exceeds a cost threshold trigger an action

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    Detached EBS Volumes

    When a detached EBS volume is detected

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    Beta: Trigger an action from a Slack command

AWS Automated Actions

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    Start EC2 Instances

    Power up EC2 instances as required

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    Start RDS Instances

    Power up RDS instances as required

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    Take EBS Snapshots

    Take snapshots of EBS Volumes

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    Update Auto Scaling

    Make update to Auto Scaling Group Configurations

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    Send Slack Alert

    Trigger an alert to any channel or user

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    Send SMS

    Send an SMS alert

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    Stop EC2 Instances

    Stop EC2 instances when they're not in use

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    Stop RDS Instances

    Stop RDS instances when they're not in use

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    Delete EBS Storage

    Delete volumes, snapshots and AMIs

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    Invoke Lambda Function

    Beta: Kick off any lambda function(s)

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    Notify Hipchat

    Send an update to a HipChat room

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    Send an E-mail

    Send an email to yourself or a group

Advanced Features

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    Rich Chatops Integration

    Manage your rules and infrastructure with Slack & HipChat.

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    Design Sequences

    Trigger event sequences including checks to ensure graceful workflows.

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    Manual Intervention

    Receive an alert and intervene into any workflow when required.

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    Organisations, Teams & Permissions

    Grant granular access to users to manage your infrastructure.

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