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Cloud automation
solutions for
DevOps teams

We automate AWS environments to increase productivity
and reduce costs by up to 60%


1. Add a Policy

Add a simple policy to your
AWS account.


2. Set your schedules

You choose up/down times for
instances and auto scaling


3. Sit back

Our solution will take care of
executions & keep you alerted

No more wasted EC2 usage

We get it - you're running up bills on non-production instances but its a pain to keep switching them on and off

We've made it super simple to be a DevOps hero and keep the boss off your back with our advanced on/off scheduling features. Get Started In Minutes!

If you're anything like us, you love your chat tools so we built integrations that allow you to monitor via Hipchat & Slack to make sure your Power Cycles are running as planned.

Take control of your AWS auto scaling

Sometimes as a DevOps Engineer you want to make adjustments to your auto scaling group but not right away. You're a smart cookie so you can absolutely predict an increase in demand but you don't want to change your configuration until that occurs

We know the story, so thats why we built Power Scale. Quickly and Easily provision capacity for high traffic periods. Scale down for when traffic is at its lowest.

We've made Power Scale Simple and Effective so you don't have to sit in front of your computer any more waiting to push the button to adjust your provisioning.


HipChat & Slack Integration

Convenience at your fingertips

It's a pain to have all those windows open, right? Constantly jumping between CLIs and Consoles to monitor your services and execute what ought to be small changes.

We built GorillaStack so it would be Convenient for the DevOps Engineer We'll keep you completely abreast of everything you need to know about your AWS environment via our ChatOps Integrations

Stay completely up to date on your usage. Keep an eye on which instances are turning on & off. Be ontop of your autoscaling configurations. You can even Snooze or Cancel planned changes from within your HipChat & Slack

Put an end to AWS bill shock

Sometimes you get that dreaded tap on the shoulder from your boss asking why the cloud bills are getting out of hand - its happened to all of us.

Make your life easy and stay one step ahead. Keep on top of your spend with billing alerts and updates for any AWS service.

See your alerts where you work most using our Rich Integrations with Slack, Hipchat, Email and SMS.

Flexible permission levels for multiple user groups

GorillaStack gives you advanced permissions over your team members.

You can control which users are able to see different services and instances, you can also control how much administration they can apply

Set alerts for single members or whole teams, set specific power scaling for specific teams

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